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Slack Announces New Integrations with Outlook and OneDrive

By April 15, 2019 No Comments – Regardless of Microsoft Teams being an immediate contender to Slack, the last has quite recently declared some helpful new incorporations with Office 365. As a matter of first importance, the new Outlook Calendar application for Slack will almost certainly show significant notices for schedule welcomes, gatherings, with direct, connect to office com setup for Business., office com setup,

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The new Outlook Calendar application for Slack is additionally able to do naturally changing somebody’s Slack status utilizing data from Outlook schedule. For instance, a client’s Slack status will naturally change to “in a gathering” when Outlook shows it., office com setup,

This new Outlook Calendar application for Slack isn’t the entire story, as there’s additionally another Slack for Outlook include. Once introduced, the include will make it conceivable to advance any messages in Outlook to a Slack channel, or private messages.

In conclusion, the current OneDrive application for Slack has been refreshed with the capacity to rapidly import and pursuit records from the distributed storage administration. Slack is likewise now ready to show sneak peeks of Word, Excel and PowerPoint directly inside the application. “From reacting to timetable welcomes to sharing records, these updates are the first in a progression of ventures to coordinate the work you make in Office 365 with the joint effort occurring in Slack,” the organization said today. If you want to know more then visit their website

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